BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) – Police captured Michael Burham in northwest Pennsylvania just before 6 p.m. Saturday, ending a nine-day manhunt that followed Burham’s escape from Warren County Jail.

Burham’s capture concluded a crime spree that spanned several states over the course of two months.

Burham is the prime suspect in the May killing of 34-year-old Jamestown resident Kala Hodgkin, a mother of three, who is described in court documents as Burham’s former girlfriend. Burham evaded police for nearly two weeks after her death, during which time he allegedly kidnapped an elderly couple in Pennsylvania and stole their Honda CR-V before driving to South Carolina.

Burham was eventually captured and brought back to Western New York in late June before being extradited to face kidnapping and burglary charges in Pennsylvania, where he later escaped from jail. (Charges have not yet been filed in relation to Hodgkin’s death.)

When Burham was captured in South Carolina in May, police found a note in his stolen vehicle that they believe he addressed to his father. In the note, Burham apologized “for all the problems I caused the family” but added, “I’m not sorry for what I Did.”

A transcript of the note was included in recently filed court documents. It is included in full below (punctuation and formatting theirs).

Wally Burham
[redacted phone number]
Hey Dad, I’m safe for
Now. Just left the area.
Sorry for all the problems
I caused the family.
I quit drinking since May 10th
I’m not sorry for what I
Did, however I do feel
Terrible about the children.
I would like
[redacted] and
(illegible) to adopt
[redacted]. Talk
To you soon. Love Mike.
PS – Have
[redacted] transfer the
Phone to your name

Michael Burham, in a note police believe he wrote to his father

Burham was described by police as a self-taught survivalist with military reserve experience. Another ex-girlfriend of his, Elizabeth Hensley-Sieber, told News 4 Burham is athletic, meticulous and smart, someone who excels at problem-solving games.

“The Mike I know isn’t going to do well in a box. He’s going to try to think his way out of it,” she said.

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