WARREN, Pa. (WIVB) — One Pennsylvania couple — and their dog — came face-to-face with suspected killer Michael Burham right before his capture on Saturday.

Ron and Cindy Ecklund were sitting on their patio around 4 p.m. when their chocolate lab Tucker ran down to the creek that runs the along their backyard. The dog was barking and wouldn’t come back from the creek. The pair then spotted a man sitting along the creek who they thought was a fisherman.

Ron and Cindy got in their golf cart and headed to the creek to see who was on their property. That person turned out to be Burham.

The couple, who said they were terrified, briefly spoke with Burham before taking off for their house and dialing 911. Burham claimed he was camping, but they recognized him from photos.

Their call was the tip that led to his capture.

“She said to me – it was a joke – when I first headed down, she says ‘do you want a gun?’ I said ‘no I don’t need a gun, he’s long gone, it’s a fisherman,'” Ron Ecklund said. ‘We go down there and this gentleman stands up and I said ‘what are you doing down there?’ And he says ‘I’m camping.’ No, it was Michael Burham.”

“We were very adamant when we were calling 911 that ‘no, you need to be here,'” Cindy Ecklund said.

Ron and Cindy said Burham had a backpack with him and started to walk down the creek and back into the woods, where he was captured by police less than two hours later.

They said the real hero is Tucker, who has a big steak dinner in his future.

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