WARREN, Pa. (WIVB) – Accused rapist and killer, Michael Burham is back behind bars, being watched 24 hours a day, this time in a prison in Erie, Pennsylvania. Burham escaped from the Warren County Jail on July 6 and led authorities on a nine-day man hunt.

Brenton Davis, who’s the County executive in Erie says, with confidence, there’s no way Burham could break out again.

“There’s absolutely zero chance that he’s going to be able to escape from Erie County,” Davis tells News 4.

Davis says the security measures in place at the county prison make it impossible for him to escape.

“When these things happen we check, double check, and triple check because what one inmate can do in one facility, we take that seriously,” Davis said. “But our infrastructure is hands down further advanced than Warren County’s.”

Davis says compared to Warren County’s jail, the Erie County Prison is a bigger facility and much more modern.

“There’s a very strict plan in place to ensure he isn’t able to maneuver freely anywhere in our facility beyond his cell,” he said.

Now that Burham is back behind bars, he has several pending charges against him. He was previously arraigned on kidnapping charges in Pennsylvania during his first attempt to flee law enforcement. He was officially arraigned on charges related to the escape on Monday.

“You can expect they will be filing and prosecuting the escape charge, because obviously that gained more notoriety for Warren County,” Jason Schmidt, the Chautauqua County District Attorney, said.

Burham is also a suspect in the rape and murder of Kala Hodgkin from Jamestown. Kala’s loved ones have been waiting for justice.

“Everybody is breathing a sigh of relief. We’re in a position now where, as best as they can, under these horrible circumstances resume the course of their lives and we in turn will go forward with our prosecution,” Schmidt said.

Burham is scheduled to appear in court for a preliminary hearing on July 26.

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