AMHERST, N.Y. (WIVB) — The Best Buy in Amherst could be part of a series of Mission Impossible-type thefts that date back to 2013.

In each case, tens of thousands of dollars in electronics were stolen, including the most recent locally where $90,000 in iPads, boxes of them, were ripped off overnight Thursday.

Amherst Police said someone broke into the Best Buy on Niagara Falls Boulevard after it closed Thursday.

Police said someone cut through nearly five inches of rubber, insulation and corrugated metal on the building’s roof.

Once inside, they stole 400 iPads.

“They definitely spent a lot of time in that store,” said Amherst Detective Lt. Richard Walter.

Walter said police are still investigating whether the thieves left the store through a different means or back through the roof.

The day before the incident in Amherst, a Best Buy in Erie, Pa., was burglarized in the same manner.

“It was the same MO,” Walter said.

Pennsylvania State Police are investigating.

The same Best Buy in Amherst was broke into the same way in 2013. In that case, thieves cut through the roof and made off with 60 Mac iBooks, each worth more than $1,000.

Amherst police say they’re comparing surveillance video and pictures with Pennsylvania State Police, which is investigating the case in Erie.