UITCA, N.Y. (WUTR/WFXV/WPNY) – Those eligible to receive a booster shot can now get any of the available brands of COVID vaccines, Moderna Pfizer or Johnson and Johnson after the FDA-approved mixing boosters yesterday. 

“If you mix and match as is being billed the immune response and measures of the immune response would show that the response is just as good and protective as if you were to just have it with the same vaccination with the same type,” Dr. Charles Hyman, Director of Infectious Diseases for Bassett Healthcare Network said.

This authorization is being applauded by clinicians because it gives them greater flexibility, most states have a larger supply of Moderna or Pfizer vaccines than of J&J, with this approval they can ensure everyone is able to receive a booster.

“It should be seen as this is more information that has proven that efficacy with vaccination and protection,” Hyman said. “And the booster shots can be just as good when it’s mixed and matched as when it’s with the same type.”

Eligible recipients who received their Moderna or Pfizer vaccine can get their boosters at least six months after their second dose but don’t be alarmed if you’re past that six-month mark, a booster is still a viable option.

“The maximal effect and efficacy and protection is when we give that booster shot six months or later and it shouldn’t be given before 6 months because it’s going to decrease the efficacy and the protection that we get from the booster shot,” Hyman explained.

People who received the Johnson and Johnson vaccine and are 18 and older can receive their booster two months after their initial shot.