LOCKPORT, N.Y. (WIVB) – A Lockport woman’s Call 4 Action because of her mold-infested mobile home has caught the attention of her Chicago-based landlord.

Lisa Browne bought her mobile home at The Woodlands residential development in the Town of Lockport last October, and within days she and her cat “Lovey” were getting sick. She eventually ended up in the hospital.

Lisa hired a contractor to find out what might be endangering her health, and once he started peeling back the paint, he discovered mold–lots of mold–and it has turned out to be toxic to Lisa.

“It was in the walls, it was in the insulation, and he said there was well over 20 different leaks in the whole place. So where I was smelling it most was in the bedroom and the master bathroom.”

A spokesperson for Equity Lifestyle Properties, Inc., the corporation that owns The Woodlands, notified News 4 in an email, they were unaware of issues with the condition of Browne’s home when it was purchased, and they thought they addressed Lisa’s mold problem.

Now Browne is asking Equity Lifestyle to do something about the home that she said she can’t even walk through the front door without getting sick. Lisa was also contacted at the apartment she is now renting because she can no longer live in her mobile home.

“He said it was behind the drywall, that they re-did the drywall. It was underneath, they put in double sub-floors, and when he pulled up the subfloors he showed me the mold.”

A regional representative for Equity Lifestyle Properties has contacted Browne to discuss the damages, and the company spokesperson told News 4, they are continuing their dialogue with Browne because “the satisfaction of our residents is important to us,” and they are looking forward to “working with her to promptly resolve the issue.”