Milkman Bradley Hellert’s phone has been ringing off the hook lately.

Dozens of families across Western New York are calling him up to get milk and fresh produce delivered, because they don’t want to leave their homes and risk exposure to COVID-19.

“I’ve had calls from people from all around the country — California, Connecticut, looking for help for their shut-in parents. They had ordered from other online services and the orders were canceled and they couldn’t get any food for them,” said Bradley Hellert owner of Hillside Dairy. “These people are almost pleading for someone to try to help them.”

Hellert retired from the business back in 2018. Since the onset of COVID-19 demand for home-delivered milk and sorceresses spiked, so he decided to start up the business again.

But, he doesn’t have to do it all alone…

“I have my grandson Chris, who is lending a hand, he’s doing the running today and helping navigate, because we don’t know where we are going. We’re relying on GPS to find everybody. So, without his help it would be a lot harder on me,” he said.

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