BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — Since Wednesday’s snowfall across the City of Buffalo and much of the metro area, the city’s Department of Public Works says two of their plows were not reporting GPS tracking data, therefore leading to some inaccuracies in the city’s online GPS tracking map.

This resulted in some streets on the map appearing as if they weren’t plowed when they actually were plowed. Technical glitches were found in the city’s snow plow mapping system during a storm two months ago.

A spokesperson for the city says these plows are getting repairs and if repairs can’t be made, the plows are getting new GPS tracking systems.

“We’ve got two units that we know are not functional, they’re not reporting accurately at the moment, so I know that’s the cause of some of the areas of red,” said Nate Marton, Buffalo Department of Public Works commissioner.

As far as conditions on city streets go, many residents we spoke to have concerns about leftover snow freezing and turning icy.

“I haven’t seen a salt truck here since the big snow to be honest with you this is how it is they figure it’s going to rain it’ll melt itself but it doesn’t,” said Ken Eisenmann, a Hamlin Park resident. “The corners around here are pretty bad, you go to the corner if you don’t stop you’re going to go right through the stop signs that’s always been an issue in this neighborhood.”

Eisenmann walks with a cane to get around after suffering a back injury at work.

Marton says that plows have been focusing on salting city streets all day after Wednesday’s snowfall and that salting may not have been done on your street, while it was snowing out, because plows would only come along and wipe it away. The city reminds residents that if you have any issue with plowing or salting on your street, you can call 311.

“They do the main streets but the side streets, the side streets they don’t really come as fast as they ought to,” said Christopher James, a Buffalo resident.

The city says it follows its snow plow plan which focuses initially on mains and secondary roads and then focuses on residential neighborhoods.

Jeff Preval is an award-winning anchor and reporter who joined the News 4 team in December 2021. See more of his work here.