ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS 10)–When it comes to re-enactments, the Governor’s Office said, “These laws allow historical re-enactments to occur, and there should be no concern otherwise…”

Despite the statement, some reenactors don’t feel comfortable out of fear of violating the law. The Roger’s Island 18th Century Military Encampment and Battle Reenactment scheduled to happen this weekend has been canceled because of this.

Under the law, individuals can carry and use antique weapons that have been rendered inoperable as part of any military re-enactment event.

However, Paul Ackermann, past president of the Brigade of the American Revolution said the guns used in reenactments have to be operable in order to fire blanks.

“Antique firearm, as I said before, pertains to pistols and revolvers, not long arms. But also the word inoperable, is a problem because in order to conduct re-enactments, the musket, the riffles, need to be operable,” stated Ackermann.

Ackermann said he would like the law to be changed back to how it was.

“I understand what the intention was in addressing gun crime. I think to keep the spirit of the law, but to actually make changes that will work, the definitions that were amended to go away from modern firearms, but now to include the black powder replica firearms— that needs to be reversed to its original language which was that a rifle or a shot gun fires fixed ammunition or a shot gun shell and the onerous language of muzzle loading and primitive sources of ignition needs to be stripped out of that and needs to go back to what it was.”

News 10 reached out for more clarification, but has yet to hear back from the Governor’s Office.