Morning routine on the first day of school


Anna Matychak woke up with high spirits, ready to take on her first day of 5th grade at Union Pleasant Elementary school in the Hamburg.

So did her sister Gabby, who is also starting her first day of 3rd grade.

The girls wake up just before 7 am, but Mom and Dad’s routine gets started a bit earlier in the kitchen where they get snacks and lunches ready for the school day.

“They like gold fish crackers, Gabby likes snack mix sometimes they’ll take apples, apple sauce, yogurts, Go Gurts, anything really,” said Jill Matychak.

“We have a wrap for gabby and a turkey sandwich for Anna she has to have her banana peppers on the side so it doesn’t make her roll soggy,” said Dan Matychak.

Once the girls are up it’s time for breakfast, then it’s time to get dressed.

“The girls love pancakes, they love they call dippy eggs, anything we can do, waffles,” said Dan Matychak.

“They pretty much get themselves dressed but I usually have to make sure I help them if they need their hair done,” said Jill Matychak.

Of course the final part of the morning routine is getting kids outside ready to wait for the school bus. It usually arrives around 8:30.

Of course today wasn’t an average first day of school, Gabby and Anna had a TV and radio crew at their house all morning!

It made for a very memorable first day.

Fith grader Anna Matychak said it was, “Crazy and fun!”

“This is going to be the one that always pops up in my head,” said third grader Gabby Matychak.

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