BALTIMORE (WJZ)- The mother of a South Carolina woman who gouged out her own eyeballs says her daughter was under the influence of drugs during the horrific incident.

Katy Tompkins, who identified the woman as her 20-year-old daughter Kaylee Muthart, told reporters her child was still recovering and is now adjusting to being permanently blind. “She is very strong, a very strong girl and she’s told me she wants to help people, and warn them to never ever touch a drug,” Tompkins said, via WTOC.

Tompkins said her daughter admitted to using meth for six months before the drug-fueled hysteria took her to a church parking lot on Feb. 6. The mother added that doctors believe Muthart’s meth may have been laced with other chemicals which made the 20-year-old capable of tearing out both her eyes.

Muthart reportedly fought off local residents outside of the South Main Chapel and Mercy Center in Anderson who were too late to stop her from making the life-changing mistake. “You never know when you buy (illegal) drugs what will really be in them.”

The family has now started a GoFundMe page to help pay for a service dog to assist Kaylee. “If Kaylee’s story can help just one person, something good can come of this tragedy in our family,” the family wrote.