TRINITY, Ala. (WHNT) — A nonprofit in Alabama that gives to those in need has gifted a car to a man who’s been walking to work for five years.

Earnest Chandler has been walking 5.5 miles round-trip each day. It takes him two hours to get to work and two hours to return home. He said he had to give up his car to help his family.

“I live with my nephew and his family, and I help take care of them,” Chandler said. “For the past couple of years, we haven’t had a car because we had to sell it in order to stay afloat for the bills.”

The Jacob Bradley Dugger Foundation in Trinity, Alabama, decided to step in to help. The organization received a car donation and then donated that vehicle to Chandler and his family.

Before Chandler could enjoy the new set of wheels, he had to get his driver’s license. He said he wants his story to inspire others to pay it forward.

“I hope that someday when someone sees this video they’ll take it to heart and help someone else in need that needs a vehicle, and I’ll be that way too,” Chandler said.