D.C. mayor: “We pushed the army away from our city”


(CBS)-Washington D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser emerged from a crowd of protesters in the newly-named “Black Lives Matter Plaza” on Saturday to address the demonstrators. 

Bowser used part of her speech to admonish the use of federal law enforcement against protesters outside the White House earlier in the week. The Monday demonstration was described as peaceful, but officers began spraying tear gas and using flash bangs to clear the area before President Trump walked through to St. Johns Episcopal Church.

“If you’re like me, on Monday you saw something you hoped you’d never see in the United States of America: Federal police moving on American people peacefully protesting in front of the people’s house,” Bowser said. 

“If he can take over Washington D.C., he can come for any state and none of us will be safe,” she said, appearing to refer to the president. “So today we pushed the army away from our city. Our soldiers should not be treated that way, should not be asked to move on American citizens.” 

“Today we say ‘no.’ In November we say ‘next,'” Bowser concluded. 

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