Dashcam video of police shooting in Pennsylvania released

PLAINFIELD TOWNSHIP, NORTHAMPTON COUNTY -  Its been six weeks since a Monroe County man was convicted of shooting and severely injuring a state trooper on Route 33 in Northampton County.

For the first time Thursday, the public is getting a chance to see evidence that jurors used to convict Daniel Clary in the shooting of Corporal Seth Kelly last year.

The video is graphic and disturbing.

Clary was convicted on nine counts in late June, including the attempted murder of a law enforcement officer.

The shooting was caught on PSP Dashcam video and through a Freedom of Information Act request prosecutors in Northampton County Thursday released the full 45 minute video to the news media.

The video is the public's first glance at a traffic stop turned shootout on Route 33 in Plainfield Township, Northampton County.

Daniel Clary, who is from Chestnuthill Township, was stopped by Trooper Ryan Seiple and Corporal Seth Kelly.

The normally routine encounter turned into a struggle when the officers tried to arrest Clary on suspicion of driving under the influence of marijuana.

The trio then scuffled.

Stun guns were used.

State police say Clary tried to grab at the officer's handguns. In the struggle, the video shows a spare firearm of Corporal Seth Kelly fall to the ground. Trooper Seiple can be seen picking it up and throwing it to the side.

That is when the situation took a turn.

Clary was able to break free of the two troopers.

He ran to the front driver's side of his vehicle and grabbed a gun.

Clary opens fire.

Corporal Seth Kelly is hit and seriously wounded. 

At nearly the same time as Clary fired, Trooper Ryan Seiple fired back at him.

Clary was wounded in the shooting but drove away, later driving himself to Easton Hospital. He suffered injuries and was in the hospital for several days.

During Clary's trial, an expert testified that the troopers did their jobs properly.

On the day the jury returned its guilty verdict, prosecutors say the video played an important role.

"Had that video not been here, it would have been the word of one man against the word of the Pennsylvania State Police and in this day and age, we know how stuff like can go," prosecutor Terence Houck said.

Corporal Seth Kelly is a native of Wayne County and continues to recover after being shot.

He testified at Clary's trial but said he doesn't really remember much from the day of the shooting.

Clary is currently scheduled to be sentenced on August 31st at 10:30 AM. He faces the possibility of decades behind bars.

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