Denver airport looks to reunite student with fish she was forced to leave behind before flight


CBS contributors in New York say a woman was forced to leave her pet fish at an airport in Denver before she could fly to San Diego on Friday.

Lanice Powless is a University of Colorado student who owns “Cassie” — a betta fish.

Before boarding her flight, CBS New York says Powless checked with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to see if Cassie could ride with her on the plane.

According to the TSA’s policy, she is allowed to bring a fish, but could not this time due to Southwest Airlines’ pet policy, which only allows cats and small dogs.

CBS New York says Powless and Cassie had traveled together before.

As Powless boarded her plane to leave college for her holiday break, Cassie was left with another traveler, but the two were separated before exchanging information, CBS New York says.

On Tuesday, the Denver International Airport posted a photo on Twitter, showing a note made to look like it was written to Powless from the fish.

Starting with “Dear Mom” and ending with “Love, Cassie,” the note said “Everyone has been really nice to me and has been taking good care of me.”

The note concluded with a phone number for Powless to call, in order to be reunited with her pet.

It’s not clear if Cassie has been returned to “Mom” just yet.

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