The Erie County Fair has been nationally ranked as the fourth-largest county fair in the U.S., and the largest county fair east of the Rocky Mountains.

The rankings were published by

The three that outranked the Erie County Fair are in California — the Los Angeles County Fair (24 days), the Orange County Fair (31 days), and ranked first, the San Diego County Fair (31 days).

The fair ranking system is based on attendance. Nearly 1.2 million people attended the Erie County Fair over 12 days this year.

1.5  million people attended the San Diego County Fair.

“This ranking is something that the entire Buffalo-Niagara region can take pride in accomplishing,” Marty Biniasz, Erie County Fair marketing manager, said. “When looking at the ranking, you need to consider that the Erie County Fair out draws most state fairs in the United States. The west coast county fairs that rank above us benefit from a much longer operating season and are located in top 10 US population markets.”

In a national ranking of all fairs, the Erie County Fair came in 13th. The Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo came in first, with 2.4 million people in attendance.