High school students facing more pressure to succeed


(WIVB) — Acceptance rates at top colleges are reaching all-time lows, and the pressure on high school students to succeed is increasing.

The schools in Mercer Island, Washington are some of the highest-achieving in the state. A quarter of this year’s graduating class has GPAs of over 3.9.

A hyper-competitive environment like this can take a toll on students, leading to eating disorders, headaches, and in some older kids, substance abuse and a higher risk of suicide.

John Martin, a parent from the school system says it’s important to realize that college-related stress affects kids from all walks of life.

“When it’s your kid struggling, it becomes real,” he says.

A study conducted by a professor at Columbia University shows that students from affluent schools suffer from substance abuse, depression and anxiety as much as three times the national average.

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