NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – The president of Nashville’s Fraternal Order of Police is telling Metro officers not to volunteer to work Beyonce’s May concert.

Friday is the first day officers can sign up to aid with extra security and traffic control before, during and after the show at Nissan Stadium.

“A routine Special Events staffing notice for Beyonce’s May 5 concert was sent out to officers today,” Metro police Chief Steve Anderson said in a statement. “The traffic plan for Nissan Stadium and the surrounding area requires approximately 88 officers. Those interested in working this assignment have until the close of business on April 15 to respond.”

However, Nashville’s FOP President Sgt. Danny Hale is asking officers not to volunteer in the wake of Beyonce’s Super Bowl 50 performance that referenced the Black Panthers movement. The performance garnered both praise and criticism alike.

“We ask officers to refuse to support the efforts of artists who promote a false narrative of law enforcement attacks on black citizens,” Hale said in a press release.

He continued, “The Black Panther movement promoted targeting, attacking and killing law enforcement officers. All lives matter, including law enforcement officers and citizens; no matter their race.”

If enough Metro police officers don’t volunteer to work the special event, the department will need to fill the vacancies and mandate the remaining spots be filled.

FOP President Hale noted the mandate in his statement, saying, “We know the officers will be mandated to work this event. We will do our sworn duty to protect, even those who support lawless attacks on us, this is what we do.”

For the May 5 concert, which is a weeknight, Chief Anderson said the officers will be working traffic to manage the flow of vehicles leaving downtown during during rush hour as well as those coming into downtown for the concert.

“The public safety/public service mission of the police department must rise above anyone’s personal views concerning a performer,” Anderson concluded.

Tickets for Beyonce’s show at Nissan Stadium go on sale to the general public Feb. 22.

Also on Friday, the Miami police union asked Tampa’s police officers to boycott voluntarily working security at her performance there in April.