BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — More utility bill scams are being reported across New York, and National Grid wants to remind people of ways to avoid losing money.

According to National Grid, “imposters claiming to be from National Grid may tell customers that they have past due balances on their utility bills, even promising a savings on their next bill.”

These scammers threaten to turn off a customer’s services unless they purchase a prepaid debit card in a specific amount, like a Green Dot card. The scammer then asks the victim to pass that information along to them.

Additionally, some scammers ask for information like Social Security numbers or National Grid account numbers.

Businesses are sometimes the target of scammers, too. National Grid says the imposters sometimes ask for money “by way of a Western Union money transfer.”

To make these calls look more legitimate, scammers sometimes spoof a National Grid phone number on caller IDs.

National Grid wants to make it clear that yes, they do call customers regarding past due balances and offer payment options, but they never demand payment via a prepaid debit card.

More information on scams can be found here.