Oklahoma woman accused of stealing from frat house, defecating on floor

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An Oklahoma woman is facing charges, accused of stealing from a frat house and defecating in the middle of a bedroom.

It happened Sunday at the Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity at Oklahoma City University, KFOR reported.

According to court documents, fraternity members were in the backyard when they spotted 25-year-old Melissa Lenz walking by. Police say that a short time later, she made her way into the house and one of the bedrooms.

“Apparently, they left the front door unlocked and someone from the neighborhood walked into the house and then entered a private bedroom of one of the fraternity brothers,” said Oklahoma City University Police Chief Jennifer Rodgers. “She proceeded to go into his wallet, took over $300 in cash and his car keys. In the meantime, she dropped her ID card onto the floor and he walked in on her as she was doing these things.”

When someone walked in on her, she “screamed and pulled up her pants and slammed the door,” according to court documents. Police said she slipped out a window while police were being called, but she was picked up a short time later.

Inside the room, police found a “plastic bag that smelled of fecal matter.”

According to police, Lenz admitted to entering the frat house because she had to use the bathroom. She also allegedly admitted to grabbing the wallet, money and keys.

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