Posts of people dressed in KKK uniforms leave Tennessee city bewildered


Some in the area say they are shocked, ashamed and upset

JAMESTOWN, Tenn. (via WATE) — Images of seven people in Ku Klux Klan uniforms on Halloween have upended life in a small Tennessee city.

The group was spotted in several different areas of Jamestown, including SONIC and Little Caesars, according to employees there.

People told our affiliate in Knoxville that they’re feeling shocked, ashamed and upset.

“I was very upset and outraged,” said Bailey Neal.

“This is sad. I am so ashamed of the people in this video, this is not ok. This is not acceptable behavior,” Eric A. Patton said.

They both do not want the incident to be representative of the place they call home.

“This is not who the people who raised me are. This is not indicative of Fentress County, but obviously it’s there, so hopefully some good will come from this,” said Patton.

“It is something that should not be taken lightly, and I think that something should be done about it,” Neal said.

The Mayor of Jamestown said, “The city does not condone the actions taken by the folks dressed in the offensive costume. The citizens of Jamestown are not that way. There are several different races that live in Jamestown. We don’t want anyone thinking people in our town are racist, we’re not.”

Police said “it was a distasteful costume by some teenagers. No crime was committed.”

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