Robert De Niro has some choice words for President Trump


(CNN) – Robert De Niro had some very choice words for President Donald Trump.

During an interview with CNN’s Brian Stelter, the actor said Trump has no business being president.

Here was some of the exchange:

De Niro: “This guy has done everything possible. Much worse than I ever thought, ever. The day after he was elected I said ‘Well, you know, give him a chance, you never know, you’ll see,’ but he is worse than I ever could have imagined.”

Stelter: “Hmm. And what is at the heart of that? What is the primary critique or complaint or objection?”

De Niro: “I don’t know, I think part of, I think he’s crazy in a way. Part of him is just, just crazy.”

Stelter: “Do you mean in a medical sense? Because that gets criticized pretty quickly.”

De Niro: “Possibly medically, too. I’m starting to think. I didn’t think that before.”

Stelter: “Do you ever look at the president think he’s performing like he’s playing in an act or something?”

De Niro: “In some ways. I think he is, but I think that it’s– as I think some of these other pundits on Fox are too because I can’t believe that they they would actually buy into this craziness. (hmm) This guy is should not be president. Period.”

Fox News did not immediately respond to CNN’s request for comment.

De Niro also said he thinks democrats had no choice but to open an impeachment inquiry into President Trump and called the present political situation a “crisis.”

The actor also said he doesn’t think Trump is capable of resigning.

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