Saints fans are still upset with that “no call” which could have cost the ‘Who Dat Nation’ a trip to Super Bowl LIII.

And speaking of the big game on Sunday, some local restaurants and bars are boycotting it.

It’s been more than a week…

“Nobody wants to see the game because it was stolen from New Orleans. The referees are the only ones you can blame it on,” said Craig Smith, owner of Smitty’s Wings.

Saints fans like Craig Smith and Hans “Fast” Nelson with Big 102.1, said they’re still not over the team’s loss in the NFC Championship Game vs. the Los Angeles Rams.

“And I woke up Monday and I was more angry, I was like how can we make chicken salad out of this, how can we make this a positive fun thing,” said Nelson.

Instead of putting the Rams-Patriots matchup on their television screens on Sunday, they’ll be playing the Saints 2010 Super Bowl XLIV win against the Indianapolis Colts.

“So I was worried about my business, what am I going to do to survive, nobody coming to a sports bar,” said Smith.

Smitty’s is one of many bars and restaurants that are hosting watch parties on Sunday, like Tap Roomas well.

In Youngsville, residents are having a “Cheated Not Defeated Who Dat March” instead of watching the big game.

And Governor John Bel Edwards even saying on Twitter, “Maybe I’ll find something on Netflix.”

“A: We know the outcome. The Saints are going to win. And B: It gives us a diversion from that other thing that’s happening on Sunday afternoon,” said Nelson.

The Who Dat Nation wanting to make a statement Sunday, that our Saints should be in that number.

“Who Dat say they gonna beat them Saints, other than the NFL,” said Nelson.