Some leafy greens recently sold were contaminated with potentially deadly bacteria


A new report reveals some leafy greens recently sold at supermarkets were contaminated with a potentially deadly bacteria.

Consumer Reports tested nearly 300 samples of fresh greens including lettuce, spinach, and kale recently sold at supermarkets.

They found six of those samples were tainted with Listeria.

Two samples were packaged and pre-washed, the other four were loose heads of bunches.

“Washing does not necessarily remove bacteria. The bacteria can get stuck to the leaves and adhere in microscopic crevices, so washing is not a guarantee that a lettuce or a green won’t have bacteria in it,” Trisha Calvo with Consumer Reports said.

The tainted greens were sold at four different food retailers in Connecticut, New Jersey, and New York in June.

Public health officials have not reported any illnesses or concerns following their own inspections.

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