It’s spring, which means it’s stink bug season.

After hibernating all winter, these tiny brown bugs are expected to begin emerging from their hiding spots in homes and heading outdoors. While these bugs are harmless and don’t bite, they can be a nuisance.

The biggest threat they pose is to fruit trees.

Michigan State University scientists say this year is expected to be even worse. As the bugs climb out of their hiding spots, they may linger in your house a few days before heading outdoors. Experts say to not be surprised if you see dozens.

The best way to keep stink bugs out of a home is to take action in the summer and fall by closing up tiny holes using caulk. Once stink bugs are in a home, they will mostly hibernate quietly without doing any damage.

For those that would still like to kill stink bugs, experts say a vacuum works but it could create a smell.

One of the most successful approaches is to use a light trap. Light traps are easy to make and affordable. They are composed of a lamp shining light onto soapy water in an aluminum tin. The bugs are attracted to the light and climb into the soapy water and drown.

More information on making a light trap can be found on Virginia Tech’s website.