DALLAS, Texas (WJW) – A woman in Texas is sharing her story of battling COVID-19 for a second time.

In an emotional post on Facebook, Meredith McKee shared a tearful picture of herself in the hospital.

“For the SECOND time in 12 weeks I have contracted Covid19,” McKee wrote. “Yes, you can get it again and it hit me like a ton of bricks… again.”

“I’m here to tell you this is NOT over, it is very real & nothing to be flippant about,” she wrote.

“There are so many unknowns & the CDC cannot tell whether the virus was dormant all this time or if it was a new contraction. It is very different this time but no less horrendous. Plenty of tears & hurting. People, PLEASE take this seriously,” she said.

“I had a dry cough like you would not believe. It would not stop,”McKee told KXAS.

McKee said that when she was diagnosed in February, she fought the virus from home and beat it. After testing positive for antibodies, she donated her plasma twice to help others battling coronavirus.

“I felt great doing finally something good coming out of the hell that I’ve been through because I’m going to help up to eight people with this plasma,” McKee told KXAS.

McKee returned to the hospital on Friday after her blood pressure spiked, she wrote on Facebook.

An epidemiologist from UT Southwestern — who is not connected to McKee’s case — told KXAS that contracting COVID-19 twice appears to be uncommon, but is possible.

“We don’t really know how serious the illness is the second time compared to the first time,” Dr. Robert Haley said.

McKee hopes she didn’t expose family and friends.

“I’m mortified and I’m seriously devastated,” she said.