Here are the mask policies at local stores and national chains


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(WIVB) — Here’s where several prominent businesses and national chains stand when it comes to masking requirements. This info has been compiled by WIVB and our sister stations.

New York has adopted CDC guidance that eases mask-wearing rules for those who have been fully vaccinated. The rules remain unchanged for those who are not fully vaccinated, meaning it has been two weeks since their final dose of the vaccine.

Walden Galleria

Fully vaccinated shoppers at the Walden Galleria are no longer required to wear a mask, but they are strongly encouraged to do so. The mall’s ownership group says individual businesses are free to set their own rules and may still require all shoppers to wear a mask. Those who are not fully vaccinated will need to wear a mask in all circumstances.

“We are very pleased that the State of New York and the surrounding region continue to make progress rebounding from the pandemic. Hats off to all those who have done their part in bringing the difficulties of the past 15 months closer to an end and to all of our guests who have been fully vaccinated. 

In accordance with the CDC and State’s guidance on mask wearing, Walden Galleria shoppers who are fully vaccinated will no longer be required to wear a mask beginning this Wednesday, May 19th. However, we strongly encourage all guests to continue to wear a mask as individual venue rules may differ (some businesses may still require masks for everyone). Those who are not fully vaccinated will need to wear a mask. Walden Galleria will continue to abide by all requirements to help ensure that our visitors enjoy the safest possible environment.”

Pyramid Management Group


Tops supermarkets reports face coverings are now optional for anyone who is fully vaccinated, but unvaccinated people must continue to wear a face covering. “This includes all individuals age two or over able to medically tolerate a face covering,” a spokeswoman for the company sent News 4.

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Fully vaccinated customers no longer need to wear a mask in Wegmans’ New York stores.

“In accordance with the latest CDC guidance, fully vaccinated customers are no longer required to wear a face covering in our stores.”


Dash’s Market

President Mark Mahoney says they’ll be relying on the honor system: “We talked about no other good way to do it and we think a lot of customers will still want to wear a mask, people who have health issues, people who have not been vaccinated or people who are not at the comfort level of totally removing their mask in public,” he said. “So our take is we’re comfortable with whatever you’re comfortable with as a consumer.”

Lexington Co-op

Customers and staff will still be required to wear masks. GM Tim Bartlett: “At the Co-op, we will continue to require masks for all staff and customers until further notice. … As always, we will reevaluate this policy as the situation evolves. The safety of our staff and customers continues to be our top priority.”

Squeeze Juicery

All patrons will continue to be required to wear a mask at Squeeze. “In the best interest of our staff and customers, Squeeze will be requiring customers and employees to continue wearing masks while in the shop. Believe me, we can’t wait to take them off either,” they wrote on Instgram.

Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s says people who are fully vaccinated will not need to wear a mask while shopping.


CNN reports a spokesperson for CVS said the chain is reevaluating its in-store policy, which currently requires customers and employees to wear masks. It is reviewing the relaxed guidelines.

Home Depot

CNN reports Home Depot will continue to require masks for employees and customers.


CNN reports Starbucks will keep mask policies for now.


In a statement to Nexstar’s WJW, Target said it “will continue to require all of our coronavirus safety measures in all stores, including masks and social distancing, while we review guidance from the CDC and evaluate the guidance we offer our team and guests.”


CNN reports Walgreens is currently reviewing the updated guidelines.


In a statement to WJW, Walmart said fully vaccinated associates will not need to wear a mask at work starting Tuesday, May 18. 

Unvaccinated associates must still wear face coverings, per CDC guidance. “We are also reviewing whether masks may still be required for certain job codes for health and sanitation purposes and will share additional guidance soonSome associates may choose to continue to wear masks, and as part of our value of respect for the individual, we should all support their right to do so,” Walmart said.

Beginning Friday, May 14, vaccinated customers and members are welcome to shop without a mask. Walmart will continue to request that non-vaccinated customers and members wear face coverings.

“Masks will also continue to be required by some city and state ordinances, and we will follow those requirements,” Walmart’s statement said.

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