INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — A moment captured on camera between a child and an Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department officer shows a different side to the work Indy officers do on a daily basis.

“Police work isn’t all about catching the bad guys,” IMPD Southeast District said in a Facebook post Friday.

The message was accompanied with a photo of an IMPD officer sitting next to a 12-year-old-boy with autism.

IMPD officers, the post says, were flagged down by the child’s father while patrolling a neighborhood. The man told the officer his son ran away after a fight with his sister and he was scared.

Officer El found the child a few blocks away and helped him calm down while they waited for the boy’s father to get there.

“Being trained in crisis intervention, as most IMPD officers are, he (officer El) knew the importance of having a calming presence, being patient, positive, and coming to his eye level,” the post continued.

The photo shows officer El squatting next to the child in the grass. It’s a moment IMPD wanted to share with others.

“Join us in thanking Officer El for his compassion, utilizing his training, building relationships, and helping to reunite a family,” the post continued.

It has since been shared and “liked” hundreds of times.