Neighbors say foxes are invading vacant home in Amherst


AMHERST, N.Y. (WIVB) — “I’m tired of people telling me how cute they are, they’re cute if you don’t have to live next door to them,” said Patricia Lisk of Amherst.

Neighbors say a house on Hubbardston Place has been vacant since 2010 but a family of foxes have made themselves at home in the backyard.

“They bark and growl at us we’re really afraid of them, they’ve come into our yard we’ve had them as close as maybe 10-12 feet away from us in the yard eating other animals it’s very scary,” said Lisk.

Patricia Lisk lives right next door, and says she’s seen as many as 6 foxes together at a time. She says she sees foxes everyday and fears one day they may catch rabies.

“No one handles it I’ve called pest control companies they said they don’t do that no one does it and so I’m left to deal with this not having any means to do so,” said Lisk.

HSBC is the original lender of the property. Banks are supposed to make sure vacant homes are maintained. But the town says the pool in the backyard is not maintained, and neighbors say the foxes have dug dens underneath it.

“The landscaping is the real issue and the in-ground pool that is kind of caved in in areas and it looks like a pond back there,” said neighbor Kyle Horvatis.

“The banks say they’re going to do something and then they don’t they drag their feet. And I’m told as long as those banks pay the taxes the towns are very limited in what they can do,” said Lisk.

Because the home is vacant, the Town’s Animal Control officer will not have the foxes trapped and transported elsewhere.

According to the Town’s Code Enforcement Officer a work order is in place to replace the pool cover and remove the fox from the yard. There’s no timetable for when that might happen but the town said it will take action on the pool cover if that is not done soon.

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