Nephew of victim relieved by break in Niagara Falls cold case


NIAGARA FALLS, NY (WIVB) “I thought they gave up,” said Josh Highway, referring to investigators looking into the 2015 murder of his aunt Terri Lynn Bills. “Five years passed and they’re never gonna find them, and then we got word that they found him.”

Highway says he cried when he heard the news that 36 year old Yasin Abdus Sabur was being moved Friday from a South Carolina prison to face a murder charge in the death of Terri Lynn Bills whose dismembered body was found in June of 2015 inside a vacant house Willow Avenue in the Falls.

“She didn’t deserve to go the way she did,” said Highway who is not only the nephew of Bills, but also the nephew of Loretta Gates, who was also found dismembered back in 2012. Both cases were never solved. “I believe they’re connected. The only reason I say that is they were both killed the exact same way.”

At this point, it appears Abus Sabur is only being charged in connection with Bills murder. But Highway still feels some closure. “We hope in the long run that he did do both so he can get justice for both. But if we get justice for one, it’s a step moving forward pretty much.”

It was shortly after the murder of his aunt Terri that Josh began a neighborhood watch group Facebook page called NF Angels Watchman, in memory of both of his aunts. “So we help the police out and we take photographs. Now we’re more photographs for scenes and stuff like that to let the community know what’s going on.”

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