New 3-D tool changes the way Niagara County Sheriff’s Office investigates crime, crash scenes

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LOCKPORT, N.Y. (WIVB) – The Niagara County Sheriff’s Office is changing the way they investigate major crashes, crime scenes and deadly shootings. The Sheriff’s Office tells News 4 a new device essentially eliminates human error.

They showed us how it helped them piece together a lengthy investigation into a fatal shooting.

Inspector Mike Licino said, “To have that there, is like something you’d see in Star Trek.”  The 3D technology called the “Faro,” is something the Sheriff’s Office says doesn’t lie.

Deputy Anthony Giamberdino said, “It’s always there, you really can’t hide anything.” That rang true for their investigation into a deadly shooting in Wheatfield last year.

A standoff took place between a Niagara County Sheriffs Deputy and a 25-year-old man. He had just shot and seriously injured both his parents inside their Errick Road home.

Licino said, “Obviously this is a very high profile case, and we wanted to capture as much detail as we could.” The evidence from that day justified the Deputy acted correctly.

He needed to use deadly force during this chaotic shooting that unfolded just feet from an elementary school. Licino said, “This is exactly the way it was when we went into that house. When we were outside the house, this is what it was. Right then, right there, at that time.”

It was one of the first times they used this technology.  The laser plots points in a 360-degree radius and simultaneously takes pictures of the scene. Licino said, “Capturing the scene that day, that time, and it picks up everything to scale.”

Before this technology, Investigators would measure crash and crime scenes manually, often making human errors. For them, it’s all about how the evidence is handled.

Giamberdino said, “By using this system, we mark it right at the scene. We can actually bring that into a court.”

And anytime you have a major crime scene, the goal is to be as accurate as possible. That is especially true when bringing evidence to court. Licino said, “It brings the truth, it eliminates any of that, “he said she said.”

It’s important to note in the Errick Road case, the suspect died from a self inflicted gun shot wound. The suspects parents did survive.

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