ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — New Yorkers could be living life in the fast(er) lane, thanks to a new bill proposed by NY Senator Thomas O’Mara.

Currently, state law caps all speed limits at 55 miles per hour for any road, highway, parkway, or bridge. For certain highways — such as interstate highways — the limit steps up to 65 miles per hour.

But NY Senate Bill S2209 proposes pushing that limit up by a whopping five miles, setting the cap at 70 for highways that meet the Department of Transportation’s criteria.

Should it get passed, the new cap would go into effect immediately, allowing the DOT to switch out signs as they see fit.

The highlighted areas in Western New York would see a speed limit increase.

But don’t put the pedal to the metal just yet: The bill is still in committee, waiting to be reviewed.

And it’s sitting right next to NY Senate Bill S9528, which would mandate speed-limiting technology be placed in all new vehicles. If approved, this tech would monitor a car’s location and physically preventing anyone from going above the mandated limit for a given road.

The two bills could, of course, be passed at the same time. But anyone excited to push their luck by going a few miles over may not be able to if they’re thinking of getting a new car.

But for now, both bills have several steps before they become laws, meaning that drivers will be capped at 55 and 65 — but only if they choose to follow the limit.