WATCH: New footage from scene of deadly South Buffalo crash involving Maserati


BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) – Almost two months later, and Buffalo Police Accident Investigators are still piecing together exactly what led up to a crash that took the lives of AJ Twentyfive and Kristin LaBruno.

They’re looking into new developments in how one of the victims was killed.

When this first happened on Oct. 27, police said the two died when their Toyota was hit by a Maserati – but now, a Buffalo Police source told News 4 they’re investigating whether Kristin LaBruno was actually standing outside the Toyota when she was hit.

This is all part of their larger investigation into the accident.

Last week News 4 obtained the police report from the crash through a freedom of information request. It shows that a 34-year-old Buffalo man was the driver of the Maserati that hit the Toyota. News 4 is not releasing his name at this time because he hasn’t been charged with anything.

Buffalo Police Captain Jeff Rinaldo says while there are rumors that the driver and passenger in the Maserati are related to Mayor Byron Brown, that is not true. Brown has also denied these rumors.

“They’re not of relation. They’re not a nephew, they’re not a niece. I don’t know them, never met them,” Brown told News 4. “Maybe the one thing the public should try and understand is that maybe everyone with the last name Brown is not related to me.”

Many have also said the Maserati could have been coming from The Vault, a nightclub in West Seneca which shut down last month.

West Seneca police say they responded to The Vault for possible gang activity the night of Oct. 27, and when they saw a car leave the club, they chased after it.

That chase ended in West Seneca, and four arrests were made. We’ve reached out to West Seneca police to ask if they investigated anything involving a Maserati from that night, we are waiting to hear back.

News 4 did speak with the owner of the property where The Vault is located, Ralph Lorigo.

“There was a more serious issue with someone who had been there, who left and the police had to chase and the police arrested, so there was that incident,” Lorigo said. “Then there was an incident with a Maserati that I think was there and ended up in an accident that killed two people. I talked to the manager at the time who told me that the Maserati had nothing to do with him, nothing to do with anybody who worked with him, nothing to do with the ownership of the bar, that, at most, it might have been a person who had been there that night.”

At this point, police have not released the results of a toxicology test done on that driver. They’re also waiting on details from the Maserati’s black box which was sent to Italy for information about how fast the car was going.

The police report shows the Maserati appeared to have the right of way as the Toyota pulled away from a curb and into the Maserati’s path. But if police find the Maserati’s driver was intoxicated or speeding, he could be charged.

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