New Erie County Board of Elections policy aims to prevent voter applications from illegal immigrants under Green Light Law


New roadblocks have been put up that could help prevent illegal immigrants from registering to vote while applying for driver’s licenses through the new Green Light Law.

A new policy from the Erie County Board of Elections will hold applications for voter registrations from the DMV for five days. The delay allows time for fraudulent applications to be weeded out. 

On the sixth day the application would be processed. 

Erie County Clerk Michael Kearns says this is a big win for the county. 

“I think it’s a big victory for the integrity of the elections,” said Kearns. “Whether it’s one person, if one person registers to vote, who is not allowed to be part of the democratic process, we have to stop that person from voting. They have now given me the authority to, any one who comes in, to report those people who are coming in and registering to vote. I will give that information to the board of elections.” 

Kearns says just last week, driver’s license applicant, who was on a work visa, managed to slip through the cracks and submitted a voter registration application. 

No green light applications have been submitted since the start of the law back in December. Kearns says 60 green light applications that he is reviewing.

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