New mob-themed TV series filming in WNY


A new television series will be filmed in Western New York. The series is called “For Nothing” and tells fictional tales of mob life in Buffalo. It’s based on a collection of books written by Nicholas Denmon. 

“There’s some historical fiction that I did place the characters into. The characters are completely fictitious,” Denmon said. “But, there will be names thrown around and there’s certain restaurants that if you’re local to the area you might recognize that I changed the name.”

The scripting for the series was a smooth process.

“I think it took us three days to write the actual script,” said Denmon.

“Our first draft was three days. We had gotten so excited about the concept, that we literally spent three days on the phone, kind of delegating scenes to each other and you just find a good creative process with one another and all the pieces fall into place,” said Sean Michael Gloria, co-creator.

“One things that I like, is we’re writing scenes in as we go,” said producer Scottpatrick Sellitto. “Short scenes that might be key or might reflect more on Western New York or it might be just a pivot point in the story.”

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