New Report: WNY workers are the most stressed out and unhealthy

A report completed by the Population Health Collaborative examines the economic impact of the poor health of WNY’s workforce.

It was released last week and it compares Buffalo to similar cities like Syracuse, Albany, and Cleveland.

Here’s how our workforce stacks up. We rank 22.7 percent when it comes to high stress, a bit higher than the national average of 16.2 percent. Also, hypertension, Buffalo ranks 34.3 percent, the national average is 27.2 percent. Buffalo has high rates in other areas other areas like diabetes, cancer and asthma. 

Researchers say, this can cause a strain on a company’s medical costs and affect employee productivity.  It could also prevent new businesses from being drawn to our area. 

“So, cities that we compared ourselves to, if they’re trying to compete for the same jobs and the same investments as Western New York,” said John Craik executive director Population Health Collaborative. “They can say, hey we’ve got a healthier workforce, less costly workforce, our health costs are cheaper than Western New York.”

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