New workout studio opening up for WNY’s littlest ‘yogis’


A new kind of workout studio is soon opening to the littlest Western New Yorkers. Lizzie’s Little Yogis opens October 1 in Clarence Center. Owner Elizabeth Blinkoff says she wanted to create a place for people to learn different techniques at a young age, instead of having to wait for adulthood. 

When you step inside Lizzie’s Little Yogis, you’re immediately immersed in a plethora of bright colors, cozy pillows, fun books and the outgoing ‘Miss Lizzie’ herself. 

Miss Lizzie offers 45 minute classes, for kids 2-8. They start on the decorated yoga mats.

“A lot of parents say that their children wouldn’t be able to do yoga… they’re too young to do yoga, they won’t be able to hold a pose for that long, but that’s not the kind of yoga I teach,” Blinkoff said. “I teach very fun yoga. My yoga is acting crazy.”

And she says kids still get the benefits of yoga with her teaching style. 

“(It leads to) increased concentration, a decrease is behavior problems, body awareness,” she said. 

After 15 minutes of yoga, there’s 15 minutes of art therapy. 

“When they’re at home, I want them to to think when they’re upset, ‘oh when I was at Lizzie’s Little Yogis I was upset and I started coloring and I felt better.'”

Then there’s 15 minutes of meditation in a fort and camping haven inside the studio. The room is filled with mini teepees, fuzzy rugs and starry lights. 

“I teach meditation and breathing strategies so that when they’re on the school bus and have anxiety or are about to take a test and they have anxiety, they can think back to the breathing exercises that I have in class and use them without anybody knowing.”

Blinkoff has been doing yoga for about 15 years. She was a school teacher before she opened Lizzie’s Little Yogis. 

“I have a background in teaching, counseling and behavior management,” shd said. “I have degrees in all three.”

She says the idea for this came to her this past July. She wanted a place for her son to go and learn how to regulate his emotions. 

“I, as an adult, learned how to manage my emotions through yoga, meditation, art and music, so I thought, ‘why can’t he learn it as a child?'”

Starting October 1, she plans to teach young ones different techniques she says changed her life. 

Miss Lizzie also invited Girl Scouts to come to the studio, and also offers birthday parties. 

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