New Year’s Fitness Resolutions


BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — Getting fit is one of the top New Year’s Resolutions and at BikeorBar, they’re helping you stick to it.

When you step inside BikeorBar, it looks nothing like your typical gym. 

“It’s very high energy,” said cycle instructor Stephanie Ubaldini-Kania.  “I like that you come here it’s almost like a nightclub versus a gym.  You’ve got the lights the loud music.”

That pump up music acts as a great motivator for your work out and of course so do the trainers. “Everybody is friendly,” said Ubaldini-Kania.  “Everyone is super welcoming and  the staff wants you to succeed and hit your goals.”

Their most popular classes are cycling. “It’s a hard workout,” she said.  “If you are paying to work out you want to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth and I love leaving dripped in sweat.”

But if cycling isn’t your thing there are plenty of other options, including barre, HITT classes, cross spin, twerk and rowing. 

Those involved say they try to incorporate both cardio and strength into each workout. 

The crew focuses on accountability. You even have to book your class spot ahead of time. They also hold challenges every few months to help people get a jump start on their goals.

But if you want long term results, they say you needs to make this a lifestyle change. “It’s not just for January or for February. especially when you’re trying to get healthy and stay active,” she said.  “It’s something you have to stick with.”  

For more information or to check out a class yourself head here.

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