New York has ranked fiftieth in freedom for yet another year, according to the CATO institute. 

The libertarian think tank releases an annual report, Freedom in the 50 States, which ranks states on how their policies promote fiscal, regulatory, and personal freedom.

“New York has been the least free state in the country for a long time,” the report said. 

The CATO Institute has ranked the Empire State last in the nation since the year 2000. 

The report singles out New York as the worst state in the nation when it comes to fiscal, regulatory, lawsuit, and land freedoms. 

New York ranks 20th in marriage freedoms and 37th in education.  

The report cited cuts in spending and taxes, paying down debts, ending rent control, as well as the cutting cigarette tax as ways of improving freedom in the state. 

Florida came in first in the report’s freedom ranking for the third consecutive year.