7-year-old defeats Syracuse officer in basketball challenge

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(CBS News)- An officer in Syracuse, New York, has been making his mark on the basketball court. But he finally met his match. 

As CBS News reported last week, Officer Brandon Hanks grew up like a lot of kids he knew, fearful of the police. “The only time I ever really saw them in my neighborhood was when someone was going to jail or getting arrested,” Hanks said.

So to change that perception, the 27-year-old officer posted a challenge to Facebook to the kids he sees on patrol: play him, one-on-one, and the first to score wins. If you lose, you do push ups. But if you win, Hanks buys the winner a pair of sneakers.

After 27 straight wins by the former high school basketball star and 27 rounds of pushups by the kids, Hanks was bested Monday. Josiah Brandon, 7, snatched the ball from Hanks and sank the first basket. 

So, Brandon got a police escort to the store, where he picked out a pair of Nikes, size two. Of course, Hanks drew his credit card and paid the $70 bill. He does it for the kids, but they do it for the kicks.


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