A look at Bail Reform Law: Driver in crash that killed Buff State grad walks free

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(WIVB)–The family of a recent Buffalo State graduate is mourning his death tonight.

The 27-year-old was killed in a crash early Sunday morning on Long Island.

Police say the other driver was drunk but was allowed to walk free under the state’s new Bail Reform Law.

According to court records, Jordan Randolph has a lengthy history of drunk driving and not showing up for his court dates.

Yet, he was still able to leave court without posting bail yesterday.

Randolph has been charged with DWI in connection with the crash that took the life of Jonathon Flores Maldonado, a recent Buff State graduate.

During their time of mourning, the family of Jonathon Flores Maldonado is also left seeking justice.

“We walked in here thinking we were going to get justice for Jonathon today and we didn’t get that. And unfortunately, we have someone who is walking freely right now,” Maldonado’s cousin Carolyn Buiernheimer said.

The 27-year-old Buffalo State graduate was killed in a crash on Long Island early Sunday morning.

Police arrested Jordan Randolph in connection with that crash charging him with DWI.

According to court records, this isn’t the first time Randolph has a total of six felony convictions, six misdemeanor convictions and failed to appear in court five other times.

Most recently, Randolph was arrested and released on January 1 for allegedly not having a court-ordered ignition interlock in his car.

Yet, he walked free after his court appearance Monday under the new Bail Reform Law.

Randolph’s attorney Peter H. Mayer IV says, “Like it or not, the legislature has spoken. Because of the way the law is now, this is a nonqualifying offense under the new statute, not qualifying offense means you can’t hold them on monetary bail.”

Since the first of the year, many are calling on the legislature to review the law and make amendments.

“When you stripped local decision makers, in law enforcement, local judges, with the discretion to be able to decide when somebody should not be released or should not have bail for a public safety reason,” Senator Chris Jacobs said. “As we’re seeing here it’s a life and death thing.”

But others say this legislation was necessary.

The group Justice Not Fear has come out in support of the state’s bail reform, calling cash bail an injustice that unfairly targets minorities.

“It’s common sense. We already know community investment, treatment, living wages, affordable housing – all these things are better for public health and safety than jail,” the group says.

But, the loved ones of Jonathon Flores Maldondano believe change must be made in order to prevent another family from going through the pain they’re dealing with now.

In a statement to News 4, the chair of Buffalo State’s biology department, Daniel Potts called Maldonado a fixture in their department who had a bright future. Jordan Randolph is due back in court on January 23.

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