AAA inviting public to participate in ‘Car Care Month’ this October

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NEW YORK (WWTI) — October is Car Care Month at AAA, and the company is reminding motorists that a seasonal vehicle check-up can help maintain safety and maximize efficiency throughout fall and winter.

According to AAA, 35% of drivers have skipped needed car maintenance or repair, and 65% of drivers did not have their battery tested before finding it dead. The company is encouraging drivers to prepare their vehicles for the upcoming winter season to avoid car issues while traveling.

One suggestion the company has for drivers is testing their car battery and charging system. AAA says that the average car battery typically lasts three to five years. They also suggested wiper blades be replaced every year, or whenever the blades cannot clean the windshield in a single swipe, so drivers can maintain the best vision while traveling.

They’re advising motorists to replace their worn tires so they can maintain traction when the pavement is wet or there is snow on the roads this season. They also warn that poorly maintained suspension and alignment could accelerate tire wear which can reduce traction in adverse driving conditions.

Motorists should also check their brake fluid as old or low fluid levels can lead to brake failure. If they notice any leaking fluids they should immediately take the vehicle in for maintenance.

Lastly, the company encourages drivers to keep an emergency kit in their vehicles year-round, but especially in the winter. The company said the kit should include a cellphone charger, water, snacks, extra gloves, scarves, jumper cables, a flashlight, and a basic toolkit.

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