BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — Gas prices are dropping, and at least one White House energy advisor thinks it may even go below four dollars per gallon soon.

The national average, according to AAA, is $4.52, a drop of 16 cents since last week. At this time last year, the price was $3.17.

Meanwhile, prices are still higher here in New York, where the average price across the state is $4.69 — a drop of 11 cents over the course of a week. One year ago, New York’s average was just three cents higher than the nation’s, at the time.

Batavia is one of the cheapest places in upstate New York to get gas. Here are the averages across different parts of the state:

  • Batavia – $4.62 (down 10 cents from last week)
  • Buffalo – $4.68 (down 8 cents from last week)
  • Elmira – $4.70 (down 9 cents from last week)
  • Ithaca – $4.80 (down 6 cents from last week)
  • Rochester – $4.77 (down 9 cents from last week)
  • Rome – $4.82 (down 8 cents from last week)
  • Syracuse – $4.73 (down 8 cents from last week)
  • Watertown – $4.83 (down 7 cents from last week)

“The lower demand, alongside cheaper oil prices, has helped to push pump prices down,” AAA says. “If these supply/demand dynamics hold, drivers will likely continue to see price relief at the pump.”

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