Congressman Tom Reed talks consideration for a run for governor in 2022

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(WIVB) — Congressman Tom Reed is elaborating on his consideration for a run for governor in 2022.

He said today the Republican party is expecting a slew of candidates, who will want to challenge Andrew Cuomo for his seat.

Reed says in the end, the GOP will have a united front.

He also says he continues to receive input on his potential candidacy with his history of bi-partisanship to be a strong selling point to the voters.

“I will tell you, when you have people like Chuck Todd, on a national political level, indicating on national TV that, our candidacy is the one that scares Andrew Cuomo the most, because of our electability across the aisle, demonstrated by history and way of governing I think that speaks volume,” Reed said.

Reed isn’t alone in considering a run for governor.

Republican Congressmen Lee Zeldin, who represents part of Long Island, announced this week he is actively exploring a candidacy.

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