ALBANY, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo said in a telephone press conference with reporters on Friday that on Monday, bowling alleys would be allowed to open, and protocols for gyms opening would come on Monday as well.

Cuomo said that on Monday, bowling alleys would be able to open at a 50% capacity. Everyone must wear face coverings, and every other lane would be closed. Cuomo said that food and drinks could be consumed around the lanes, but bars would not be open, and that those bowling must stay at their lanes and with their parties. The bowling alley must also have cleaning protocols in place.

On the heels of this announcement, Cuomo said that on Monday, protocols for gyms being able to open will be released.

In other good news, Cuomo said that low-risk indoor cultural activities, like museums, can open in New York City on August 24 at 25% maximum occupancy, as long as everyone is wearing face coverings, and there are pre-set staggered entry times.