ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — At Wednesday’s statewide coronavirus briefing, Gov. Andrew Cuomo was asked about eviction moratoriums, set to expire before the end of the month. He signaled that the moratorium would be extended.

To open the question and answer portion of the briefing, Newsday’s Michael Gormley asked, “Will you be extending the rent eviction moratorium?”

After consulting his “consiglieres”—chief among them Melissa DeRosa, who said, “We’re not going to let anybody who’s evicted due to these circumstances be evicted. We’ve continued to extend this as well as the commercial rent eviction moratorium”—Cuomo said it will be extended.

“It’s in place through Sunday,” he said, “but I will extend it after Sunday.” Take a look at the short exchange below:

The Tenant Safe Harbor Act was initially enacted in March, and was extended in October. It is set to expire on December 27.