(WIVB) — Hunting season is in full swing across New York State, and there are some important points the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) wants hunters to be aware of.

As you go out, be on the lookout for an illness impacting deer called Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease (EHD). If you come across a deer that looks sick, leave it alone and report it to the DEC.

New this year, all hunters are required to wear either bright orange or bright pink.

Leaders with the DEC say there’s more than a million deer in New York State right now. They expect hunters to harvest a quarter-million of them.

“Deer movement is going to be a little more concentrated, not as widespread across the region,” Jeremy Hurst, a wildlife biologist, says. As we move into late October, beginning of November, deer breeding season happens, and that’s when we start to see everything get shuffled.”

The DEC says the recent mild winters have helped the growth of the deer population in New York State.

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