Gov. Cuomo: ‘I believe we’re looking at months’ of dealing with coronavirus

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NEW ROCHELLE, N.Y. (WIVB) — A drive-through COVID-19 mobile testing center is opening Friday in New Rochelle, the Westchester County city that is at the epicenter of New York’s efforts to halt coronavirus.

Of New York’s 328 confirmed cases, the most are in Westchester County, with 148. Of those, 27 new confirmed cases were reported Thursday. A containment zone there was announced by Gov. Andrew Cuomo earlier in the week.

Cuomo was on hand to open the mobile testing center on Friday morning.

“This is a very creative way of testing,” Cuomo says. “This is drive-thru testing.”

In order to take advantage of this testing opportunity, Cuomo says people can call (888) 364-3065 to make an appointment.

At the six-lane facility, people can drive up in their vehicle. Medical staff will come to the vehicle and provide swabs patients can use for testing.

Medical staff will then take the swabs and send them to a lab for testing.

The facility can process 200 cars per day, Cuomo says, calling drive-thru testing a “smarter and safer” option that keeps people from being exposed to others who are possibly carrying the virus.

As testing commences, Cuomo says people in New Rochelle and vulnerable populations will be prioritized.

Noting that “80 percent” of those who get infected will self-resolve, Cuomo, again, compared coronavirus to pneumonia. He says the virus is more problematic for people with an underlying respiratory illness.

“I think this could be a six, seven, eight, nine month affair… this is not going to be over in 30 days.”

Locally, 61 people in Erie County are quarantined, and 143 have completed their time in quarantine. The Erie County Public Health Laboratory has conducted 30 tests.

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