BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — The drop continues. The average price of gas in America is now $1.86, but New York is still far behind, with prices still averaging at more than two dollars.

Buffalo and Batavia are even higher than the state average of $2.25, with both cities showing an average price of $2.31. Still though, all of these numbers mentioned so far are between two and seven cents less than last week.

People across the U.S. are driving less right now, due to the coronavirus pandemic. So with lower demand for gas, it’s not going to cost as much.

The price of oil directly affects prices at the pump, too, AAA says, and the effects of the oil price war between Russia and Saudi Arabia are being shown here.

Even more unusual than prices below two dollars are prices that don’t even reach one dollar. A number of Native American reservations are currently selling gas for those kinds of prices.

Just this past Friday, News 4 was able to find gas for 68 cents at Allegany Gas and Smokes in Salamanca.

But still, why are New York gas prices so much higher than the national average? AAA says this is due to taxes, delivery challenges and no refinery in the state.

Normally at this time of year, refineries begin switching over to summer blend fuel, which is more expensive to make. The coronavirus pandemic has created a unique scenario though, keeping prices low.