Gov. Cuomo says stimulus package fails to address NY’s need as cases rise above 37,000

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ALBANY, N.Y. (WIVB) — “Facts are empowering.” That was Gov. Cuomo’s opening point during the start of his daily briefing on the coronavirus.

Cuomo says he is not looking to see the number of new cases go down, but instead, he wants to see a drop in the rate of new cases.

The Governor went on to discuss the collection of supplies needed to help coronavirus patients in hospitals. Right now, hospitals have enough personal protective equipment for the immediate need, but the hunt for more beds and ventilators is on.

Cuomo provided a positive update on the ventilator situation. He says the technology for splitting one device, which helps people breathe, between two people has been approved.

After asking able facilities to start making ventilators, Cuomo says some anesthesia machines are now being converted to ventilators.

Normally, a non-coronavirus patient utilizes one of these devices for three to four days. A COVID-19 patient uses one for 11-21 days, but Cuomo says some people need one for up to 30 days.

So far, 37,258 cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed in New York State, and just yesterday, more than 18,000 people were tested.

More than 5,300 people are currently hospitalized, 1,290 of whom are in intensive care. Just over 1,500 have been discharged.

The state has been exploring the possibility of setting up temporary hospital sites, after hospitals were ordered to increase their capacity by 50 percent, with a goal of 100 percent.

“The bad news is, the number of deaths is increasing,” Cuomo said.

The number of New York residents who have died as a result of the coronavirus jumped by 100, rising to 385.

Cuomo acknowledges that this isn’t just a health crisis, but an economic one, too, commenting on his displeasure with the federal government’s $2 trillion stimulus package.

Cuomo says that with this plan, New York would get $5 billion specifically earmarked for coronavirus expenses. He says this would do nothing for the lost revenue caused by businesses in the state being closed. Of the economic challenges, Cuomo says lost revenue is the more important one the federal government should address.

The Governor called on the federal government to “address the places that need help,” saying the current Congressional action is failing to address the need.

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